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Automatic invoice calculation

Creating a new payment model is one of the hardest items. Therefore, read the next steps carefully.

Create a New Invoice Model

  1. Go to the Automatic Invoice Calculation and Click Add Payment Model.
  2. Enter the Model Name
  3. You can create automatic invoices for:
    1. Contacts: Every contact that refers to your rules & conditions will receive an invoice
    2. Families: Every family within the database that refers to your rules & conditions will receive an invoice.
    3. Companies: Every company within your database that refers to your rules & conditions will receive an invoice. 
  4. Click "Save".

How to set Rules and Conditions for your Invoice Model?

  1. Select your Invoice Model

New Rule

  1. Click Add New Rule:
  2. Enter the Rule Settings 
    • #:  The number of times this rule applies 
      • Auto: the system will automatically calculate how many times this condition applies for your contact/family/company
      • 1: the system will apply this condition exactly 1 time for the contact/family/ company
      • Extra fields: the system will use the number entered in the extra field area to calculate the number of times this rule applies for this contact/ family/ company
    • Description: Enter a description for this rule (f.e. cadets)
    • Amount: enter the amount in €
    • Enter the tax in %
    • Click Save

New Condition

  1. Click Add Condition that applies for your new created rule:
    • Select a condition from the list
    • Click "Save".
  2. Your New Rules & Condition will now be applied
  3. Use the Preview below to check your rule & condition for one particular contact/family/company
  4. Use the Simulate button to simulate all your invoices for the created invoice model.